The “Me” Concept

As a writer, a lot of things tend to run through my mind constantly, wheels turning daily, it’s rare for me not to itch for a pen and paper. In restaurants forever writing on napkins as soon as ideas pop up, well you’ll get to know me as the kind of person who would do that instead of pulling out my phone. Nonetheless, I am trying to find a way to find myself and so far I haven’t really been doing so well, it’s kinda hard to get used to this concept of “who am I?” Because before then, I just ate ice cream and watched reruns of old cartoons. I was a kid, or at least I though myself as one, but now…adventures to places of the unknown are instead pushed into a box under my bed. But now I am pulling the box back out and taking my chances, you live your life only once and to make the best of it is a must. So basically I am recording every bit of myself (almost) on video, pictures and writing.

20131125-232001.jpgI’ve come to a conclusion that all I want in this is to be happy, and to understand myself. As much as it is a taboo, I couldn’t care less if anyone else understood me but if I can be internally happy who am I to keep this brilliant journey to myself?

Leading on from this, I will write whatever comes to me, whether it’s an event or people or emotions. I feel like this should go somewhere and maybe someday it will but for now, I like the fact that I am confined within my own mind and yet I can open up and like a book be read. So with no more further disruptions, I give you my blog filled with everything and at times (rarely) nothing.


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