Barriers of Perception

I’ve always seen the world as a large atmospherically transparent ball

Every country had a 5-cubit meter (rectangle) that each person of the world claimed. The transparent space of theirs held a truth. An absolute solid truth, one that only they could see through and so born was the perspective.


Now the funny thing about these transparent “windows” held the truth but also connections.

Kind of like a circuit, which once triggered would shoot off into a pathway that would lead into many smaller paths that went in different directions, like the domino effect and then no matter how small or subtle the income was a greater outcome would come of it.

Imagine throwing a pebble into a large river ripples would come from it then more would branch out and so it would stay that way till it slowly hits the banks of the river. I don’t know why I find this idea so beautiful and astounding, but like a broken record play, it keeps playing over and over again in my headConstantly barraging me with connections that trigger emotions. Come to think of it the world is full of triggers, even the concept of time is one even the best of us can’t fully comprehend. “

UnknownThe more we have, the more things happen, the more possibilities we lose and the more possibilities we are introduced to,” I question a lot of things and assume just the same. Being the way I am, I always thought I would be a repetitive soul. A person who (no matter the stage or audience) played the same role, the more I realize no one would help me rehearse my lines, the less I though of helping myself.


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