New Year, New Tea With a Dash of Soul, A hint of Happy and a Whole Lotta Love

30 Minutes before 2014, and here I am sitting at the verge of happiness and near the verandah of a sad heart caged in an excited chest. Like always I am sipping tea, sweet but not too sweet, hot but not too hot. Anyhow, I’ve come to terms with myself, this past year has taught me a lot and no I am not really into the whole aspect of “New years, New me,” mindset. But I do mingle with the concept of “New years, New tea,” and by “tea” I don’t mean tea as in my name, Chai. I mean tea as in this concept of having the right ingredients for the right person. Here let me walk you through it, when you’re making tea, you need the right amount of sugar and the best spices for your personality. For me, my tea consist of a dash of soul, a hint of happy and a whole lotta’ love, that being said, I know that I’ve been lacking those very things this past year. My tendency to worry about unnecessary things distracted me from who I was. I was neutral, not happy or sad, if anything I felt frustrated and at best irked, but I wasn’t happy. Reflecting about this now, I realized that my atmosphere weighed me down; people whom I once called “friends” seemed more like nomadic ones. Activities that were “great,” on the transcript and to the college eye made me frustrated. I have about 6 minutes, so I’ll just conclude this with a list of ingredients for myself, in finding my own way back to the road of calm and cool collectiveness.

List of ingredients

  1. Bring a load of books, a mixture of horror and mystery will do the heart some healing
  2. Take time to love yourself, have a movie night out with you, me and myself.
  3. Do things that you love, stop the whole gizmo of “It looks great on a resume,” and look more for “it looks good in the heart,”
  4. Keep eating cereal from a cup, bowls are too mainstream
  5. Take pictures! Vintage or not, the world needs a photographer!
  6. Care less about what people think, and more about what your beloveds think
  7. Do things spontaneously!
  8. Don’t be a worrier but a warrior
  9. Make way for skipping your way to the gym! A healthy body means a healthy mind!

And that’s it!

– Chai!


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