10 Things I’m Grateful For

I found a neat research that surrounded around the aspect of positive thinking, apparently if you acknowledge what you’re grateful for every night before falling asleep, you become a little happier and tend to appreciate what you have been given by Allah, and I’m a strong believer in being grateful, little do I know what I have now may not so much be here tomorrow. So I thought, why not make a list of what I’m grateful for and I genuinely think this is something worth doing myself and maybe for you.  In all honesty, you’ve been given so much and yet are still distracted by what you could have, don’t so much as worry about the “what-more-can-I-have factor” and try easing your mind into the “Alhamdu’Lilah for everything both good and bad that I’ve experienced” mindset. So with no further ado, I give you my top ten things, in which I’m genuinely grateful for.


1. I’m grateful for being a Muslim and for all the hidden and unhidden blessings that I have, and the mercy of Allah swt. I mean this a religion where even a mere smile is charity. My religion teaches, peace, patience, self-understanding, humility, love, bravery and so much more. The very core and values of humane actions are promoted, modesty is condoned and females aren’t used as sexual objects to “beautify” items in stores. Unlike what most people think, the headscarf is a symbol of modesty, not onlya reminder to females but also males that there is more to a person then theirr looks.

tumblr_mfbi0yZRcd1qdlh1io1_2502. I’m grateful for my family, My parents especially for being there and always reminding me and my siblings to treat everyone kindly, to be forgiving and to love the earth. Honestly, for all that they’ve sacrificed to have us learn and become the way that we are and better. All l I can say is Alhamdu’Lilah, I legit couldn’t ask for anything better from them.

3. I’m grateful for being exposed to hatred, injustice and sadness and all the negativity of the world, as much as that sounds weird. I mean think about it, would you understand the concept of happiness if it weren’t for the exposure of sadness in the first place? Furthermore, if it weren’t for the exposure of hatred and injustice that I’ve been exposed to, then I wouldn’t be so motivated to help others and be determined to make sense of my life by helping others.

tumblr_lwp1uiFqKg1qb9qh4o1_500_large4. I’m grateful for the few people whom I genuinely call friends and some as close as sisters, some whom I’ve met just now and others whom I’ve lived my life with, both whom remind me of what the meaning of loving for your brother what you love for yourself means. They’ve since day one put that very statement in action, with all honesty you know who you are because I’ve expressed my gratefulness for your being ‘ery day!

GIF-SHRUGS5. Oddly enough I am also grateful for “friends” (Notice the quote on quote). Why, do you ask? If it weren’t for them, I wouldn’t understand what it truly means to not be there for someone, or to not support them. If anything else, they’ve taught me that even a “friend” can be a nomadic one. A person whom at the sight of trouble will drop you like a sac of bad habits. I genuinely thank you, and if you’re reading this, which I highly doubt, I hope you forgive me for anything that I have done to you and I hope Allah swt brings us both closer to the straight path.

images-26. I am grateful for living the life that I’m living at the moment, every single bit of it taught me a lesson, from avoiding talking bad of others to staring at the lunch lady as she scooped up a load of orange chicken, in hopes that my intense eye contact with her may hint that I want more than just the usual spoonful of that delicious orange chicken.

tumblr_mwpgks6TKI1rp0sj7o1_5007. I am grateful for being the way that I am, awkwardly tall, big glasses, could pass off as a tree branch with feet, a lisp and stutter, I also tend to trip over my abayah a little too often. This may be a total taboo of the whole, “be cool about it” gizmo, but let me tell you that I love myself, enough to live over moments of embarrassment and total defeat. Sure, I’ve had my rough spots, awkward moments and iffy changes but in the end of the day, models and perfection are unrealistic things. Flaws, bad hijab days, surprise zits, awkward stutters astoundingly happens to be a reality for me and I am perfectly fine with that, I genuinely am.

Hermione_Granger_♥8. I’m grateful for being so analytical lately and actually taking my surroundings into consideration as to the source of my unhappiness. Meditation and prayer are the capitals of my soul. Patience and the will to surround myself in an environment that promotes inner-peace and a great deal of ambition is my total interest and lately I’ve made that my total priority, I’m tired of trying to cover up a whole relationship filled with lies and backbiting…. you’d think a person would get tired of eating their sisters flesh every time they spoke. Thank god, avoiding such people clears my mind for better things.

sheldon9. I am super, super, super….califragilisticexpialadotiously grateful that this is my senior year! Lord knows how long I’ve been waiting for this year! Paper cuts of hurried essays, last minute projects and witnessing that one girl that always  happended to skip to every SINGLE class we went to…(I secretly used to be jealous of her, since I stayed moping the floor with my abayah and walking and dragging my feet to every dreadful class). Three and a half years of complete dreadful, hectic, inspiring, ballistic, bazaar, awkward and definitely baffling moments and here I am…I guess I can now say that I managed to live through it!

10. Last and but certainly not the least, I’m grateful for you, my readers. I genuinely appreciate the fact that you take the time of your day to read my writing, Thank you. Honestly, Thank you, Shukran, and Merci!tumblr_mdx9c14lW21r4g20u

As corny and awfully cliché as this was, I did find it remarkably fun and uplifting. I don’t know… I might just make this a habit from now on Insha’Allah, I do recommend that you should try it out! And if you do, I’d love to share it on my blog!


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