The Art Of Getting By

“Just get by the day,”
“Time will heal all pain,”
“No, time never heals, you just deal with it differently,”
“It’s not going to be easy,”
“The Lord wanted him early,”
“Never lose your courage to cry,”
“You’ll change the world sometime,”
“He’s on a better place,”
“Stop crying, it screws up your face,”
“You know my uncle died just last year?”
“I’m so so very sorry for your loss ,”
“Im thinking about you,”
“I understand your pain,”
“One step at a time,”
“How are you?”
“That’s a stupid question, nevermind.”
“If you need anything, just call me”
“The pain never goes away,”
“Distract yourself,”
“At least his in heaven,”
“I swear you are strong,”
“I’d be crying my eyes out if that happened to me,”
“It never does get easy,”
“From my experience in M.E.T, a person dies quickly without air,”
“Sometimes The Lord has his reasons, even if it doesn’t look fair,”
“You seriously are handling this better than most,”
“He won’t want you hurting yourself like this,”
“Are you crying?”
“Can I hug you?”
“Wheres the one that died?”
“Sh sh sh let go off his hand,”
“His gone,”
“We are right here for you,”
“Stop holding his hand and let go off of him,”
“Don’t, seriously don’t cry,”
“Are you alright?”
“Come here,”
“What’s wrong?”
” Khadija?”
“Crying is not a sign of weakness, so cry your heart if you want to baby,”
“Don’t cry, seriously you need to stay strong for your siblings,”
“Why are you quiet?”
“What’s on your mind?”
“I’ll be honest, it doesn’t look good.”
“Did he know how to swim?”
“This is what you should do,”
“Don’t blame yourself,”
“I’m so sorry for your loss,”
“Learn to love the pain.”
“It never, oh lord I’m telling you it never gets easy,”
“7 years ago, and I’m still crying,”
“It’s funny how the world still moves on,”
“Do you need a tissue?”
“I’m thing of you,”
“I don’t know what to say, and I’m scared to say the wrong thing,”
“Don’t cry,”


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