This poem came to me, while I was watching the news about Syria a while back. Little did I know about the severity of the revolution taking place. The raw emotion that was captured on tape brought a wave of emotions back to me. As flashbacks of my own history and past clashed with the future. The feeling opened old scars and so with this heavy heart, I wrote this poem entirely for nations that have been oppressed by clueless and heartless governments and their leaders. My prayers go to them and their families.


SHE woke up
bursting her earlobes …
Gun shots brought her to a state of CONFUSION
As time SLOWED Then stopped
Thunder crashing, people gasping, CHILDREN crying
Why must we WATCH them
slowly Dying, fighting, HOPING
Calling out to a world that has them on unchecked voicemail
Doing nothing to help
We failed at our pre-HUMANITIES test
As they protest
Try and Protect
When tears have choked them
Swimming in depth of sounds of mourning fighters
As we float on Greedy life boats of non-respect
Losing the morals WE had once found to be CORRECT
Drowning her in crowds of
Screaming, saving,

SHE WOKE UP to the noisy crowds
Trying, Grasping for air
Without a doubt this life of ours is not FAIR
Trashed streets covered with cement and blood
Soulful tears dry up on the face of MOTHERHOOD
As HER son fights for her
Talk about a MOTHER’S DAY GIFT
This boy GAVE his LIFE to her
Dedicated his love FOR her
Took a bullet to the brain By her

As she took a Knife to the HEART she shared with him
Bled out her tears from pores of her soul within
DRAPED herself on his limp body
CRYING for a son she almost died for Who is now DYING
only to smile back to her face and whisper Back to her
“I found the love, you gave. It was between your arms like a soldier”
And for this she ached, on blood covered sand
Timeless pain filled her lungs
As she GAZED at his shallow breathing

A slow beating drum crashing immense waves of love
They woke up hand in hand
A nation oppressed far too long
Breaking chains on their body
Putting their fist up
for broken PIECES
of love and national longing
Half way across the SEAS
With a cursed and witnessing world…

She DROVE on
Praying as a woman with black covers
Separated from hate, politics and it’s evil
Heated by these debates Of whether to help or not to even bother
By men who waste, glorious minutes and hours
With well dressed suits in tall and fancy towers
As THEY live another day
hoping for power
Fools in complete control
Like hate and devour
Having no vision
To help or console A generation

When in this case She fights for her PEOPLE
Like a warrior, a soldier
She Screams out for ” FREEDOM”
Beat and step
Like a still bound DRUM but
her legacy still kept BEATING ON
Heads held high
And news cast found consent LIKE SPIES Bring truth to the table
and beneath this all The covered lies
where conquered
As she still hums
In the beating drum of his heart

The word freedom.




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